Tarte Shape Tape Review



Have you heard?? Apparently Tarte Shape tape concealer is all the damn rage!! Youtube beauty bloggers galore just rave about this stuff. I was on a mission to find out if they were getting paid to hock it, or if it was actually amazing enough for me to ditch my Rimmel concealer. This stuff is an Ulta and tarte.com exclusive, so you won’t find it at Sephora. It retails for $25USD Once again I had a hard time finding reviews that I thought would be honest, so here I am posting a very honest review.

I purchased the shade Light for my light/neutral complexion. I had initially purchased Light Neutral, but it was almost white on me! So I returned it and got this one. I do use the concealer as a highlighter and to brighten, not really conceal anything. As you can see from the photo, it has a giant doe foot applicator, and a little goes a REALLY long way. You don’t want to smear this stuff all over your face like the beauty guru’s do it or you’ll be a cakey mess.

The consistency is very thick, and quick drying so you need to work relatively fast. You pat it in with a brush or a beauty blender. It does dry down to a very smooth consistency leaving your under eye extremely velvety smooth, it dries down matte as well. A little Laura Mercier translucent setting powder on top tapped in and you’re good to go. It does crease on me a bit but not terribly. The only difference I notice between this and other concealers is how soft it makes my skin feel, but other than that, no big difference. I don’t really think it is a must, rather a nice to have. I’ll probably repurchase it though because I do like the smoothing properties.  Overall, I give it a B+.


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    1. It’s an Ulta exclusive, so any Ulta (although they sell out fast despite having a vast range of shades). It is also available for purchase on Tarte.com
      I use it for highlighting and go a full shade darker than my normal foundation. You can also use it for contour if you go a full shade (or more) darker than your normal foundation. I’d recommend viewing them in person to find the right shade.


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