Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream Review

You guys!! Have you tried this yet??? This pretty expensive but TOTALLY worth it cream has become a staple of mine, very, very quickly. Bum Bum Cream (pronounced like Boom Boom) is honestly the most delicious smell that I  have ever smelled…and I’ve smelled a lot of things!! Once again, like many times you’ll learn, I was swayed by beauty guru’s on Youtube to try this. It’s really hard to describe the scent of this cream, most people describe it as almond and caramel, but it smells like las vegas casino’s (in a good way) to me.

You can purchase it at Sephora for $45 and that gets you an 8oz jar, the tub is pretty big and I always keep a back up. It layers on nicely and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. It’s easy to rub in and the scent lasts for such a long time (about 6 hours on me). As an added bonus, it leaves little gold flecks in sun light. It just leaves my skin looking SOOO pretty! I’d suggest getting a sample from Sephora or getting the smaller travel size to see if you like it. It pairs and layers extremely well with the same scented Brazillian Crush body spray from the same brand, or the 4Play shower gel. If it’s in your budget please please do yourself a favor and give it a try! I really have been trying and can’t seem to find a dupe. A+! Let me know if you’d be interested in reviews on the other products in this line. I have most if not all of them.



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