NARS ORGASM Special Edition Review and Giveaway!

If you haven’t seen or heard of this blush, you might be living under a rock…Just saying! First of all, you’ll have to ignore the mess around the pan because I just use this stuff way too often (like every day)!  Take a moment and think up your favorite most beautiful blush color…….did you do it??? Okay , what is it? If you didn’t say NARS Orgasm, maybe you didn’t think hard enough!

In all seriousness this color is absolutely gorgeous and truly is my go to for every day. I’ve purchased many other blushes (NARS or not) and have never found anything I reached for as much as this. It is the most beautiful golden pink and has a shine, but not enough that it looks childish, or makes your pores look big or anything like that…just a beautiful gold shimmer. Personally I have the special edition which really means nothing except the pan is a little larger than normal, it has a quote on the mirror and the lid actually says NARS orgasm. The normal version doesn’t have all of that. Color and formulation are the same.

It gives such a nice sunkissed look in the summer, and a nice flush in the winter. I’m not sure I’d go as far to say this is what my cheeks look like after I get off (which is what it is supposed to mimic), but it’d be cool if they were that pretty! The formula itself is not drying but I wouldn’t call it creamy, just sort of silky despite the shimmer. In fact I love this color so much that I’m giving away a deluxe sample size of it for you to try too! All you have to do is follow my blog here AND on Instagram @mandi_sparkles and I’ll pick a random winner in two weeks. Winner will be notified by DM!


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