NARS Orgasm Lipstick Review and Swatches

I am a huge fan of NARS Orgasm blush (the solid, NOT the liquid). In fact, I have reviewed it previously on my blog, ( NARS ORGASM Special Edition Review and Giveaway! ) The color is just so beautiful, a beautiful soft but still vibrant pinky peach, with gold shimmer/shift. This lipstick looks exactly the same in the package!! It’s going to be a total hit, right?!?! Keep reading to find out!

Oddly enough in my earliest makeup days years ago, I longed for a pink lippie with gold shift/shimmer and thought I never found one because I hated all of the ones I tried. Little did I realize that it was actually that they just didn’t look good on me because I am not warm toned. The blush looks great on me though, despite being mostly cool toned. So when I heard earlier this year that NARS was releasing an Orgasm Lipstick those old feelings came flooding back and I had to make the lipstick mine despite knowing it probably wouldn’t look good on me.

This is not a cheap lipstick at $28USD, which isn’t a huge deal, but when you don’t really see the product on you, it’s kind of a waste. Here’s the description from Sephora’s website:

The Orgasm Lipstick is a satin, creamy lipstick in the iconic Orgasm shade that provides rich, radiant color for a polished look.

I really felt this was a frosty finish more than a satin finish with some shimmer. The lipstick sort of feels like a balm and is totally and completely sheer. As you can see in my photos and swatches, it’s basically just a gold sheen over a tinted light pink. There is absolutely zero color payoff, which is incredibly depressing. In the end, this ended up just looking mostly like a lip balm with gold shimmer. (Think MAC Sticky Wicket, but not goopy)

Wear time on this is pretty average for a lipstick. I just wish this was a more creamy pinky/peach lipstick with the same gold shimmer that I love.  The company does promise it’s creamy and that it provides rich color payoff…Neither of which appears true, for me at least.  I had really high hopes this would be better than the lipgloss in terms of color payoff, but instead it was worse. I mean, just that description of rich color payoff alone is enough to make one go mad…look at the swatches, look at them! Where is this illusive color payoff?

This is a total miss for me, especially at this price point. I give this a D-.



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