Whats in my drawers?!?!?!?! Here’s all of the Junk in my Trunk…….

Ever wonder what people keep in their drawers?? Don’t be pervy, I’m talking about vanity drawers!! I know I always enjoy seeing what other people have stored away, so I figured I’d put it all out there for you to see. Everything pictured is used on a somewhat regular basis, or I just haven’t brought myself to get rid of yet. I do have piles in my spare room of things I’m either over, or just hated so much I can’t stand to have it in my sight anymore,lol. All of my skin care items are in my bathroom and that’s a whole other animal entirely!  Without further a do, here is the answer, to what’s in my drawers!

As you’ve probably seen before, here’s an overview of my vanity, if you’re interested in building one like this, see my prior post



These are the items I reach for the most, and so they are in the most convenient location, in the top I keep most of my makeup brushes, most of them are the Tarte Unicorn brushes and a few Bobbi Brown and NYX brushes. My most used foundation is the Armani Power Fabric, some primers, eyeliners, mascaras, brown pencils, etc. My Too Faced Sweet Peach cheek palette is in there along with a few other blushes, etc.


Heres the rest of the random stuff on my vanity, those green sephora makup remover wipes are the bomb.com by the way. They have little scrubbers on them and are great for cleansing and exfoliating.

20170705_164254This is my current palette drawer, I have tons more palettes but these are the ones currently in rotation. You can barely see my UD Naked original palette in there, but it has remained a staple over the years and I won’t part with it!

20170705_164316Heres my drawer full of backups/randoms, or things about to go to the hate it pile. (ahem, that’s you benefit Matte Rescue and Boscia White Charcoal!!)

20170705_164343My vanity wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t hold all of my jewelry!!

20170705_164350 Another random drawer full of complete misses… I sincerely hate the Bobbi Brown Beach collection, but paid so damn much for it, I haven’t brought myself to throw it away….Maybe I’ll do a giveaway?? FYI the mask in the purple tube seriously sucks y’all!

20170705_164417The last drawer is my drawer o’ samples. I haven’t nearly dumped all of my samples into this little drawer yet, and that’ll probably take up several more but these are all items I usually give away to friends, etc.

So that’s just about it, this is all of the stuff I use on a pretty regular basis. I’m always curious what other people keep in their vanities….So show me, what’s in your drawers?? Make sure to comment with a link ….Don’t worry, I’m patient…I’ll wait while you upload 🙂 If you have any questions about what I think of any of these products, feel free to ask.


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