I’ve flown the coop!! What’s in my travel bag?

20170722_210035Hello friends!! I am currently away from home for the next 9 days (the longest I’ve ever been away from home). I came down to Florida to get my MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) for Windows Server 2016. I know to most people that sounds pretty boring but it’s really exciting for me! I’m currently in the lovely Sarasota, Florida. I’m no newbie to FL, I was actually born in Orlando, then moved to Ohio. I’ll get to what beauty items I simply couldn’t leave home in a bit, and if you want to skip to that go ahead it won’t hurt my feelings!

First off, I almost didn’t make it! I had a layover in Atlanta, but there wasn’t really enough time for me to get from one plane to another considering they were terminals away from each other. They had started to close the gate door when I arrived but graciously let me on anyway…Then of course someone was in my seat, they replied it was because someone else was in their seat and this train continued for FIVE people before I finally just took the original offenders seat. Eventually some douchebag then replied they were worried I was going to have an Ann Coulter moment. That irritated me because I didn’t really care where I got sat, I just wanted a damn seat and I didn’t want to be rude and take someone else’s seat. Anyway I finally made it to Florida and got to visit an old friend that I hadn’t seen in 9 years. That was fun and we totally got the cliche’ pooka shell friendship anklets too,lol.


Around 930pm last night I finally made it to my hotel and was pleasantly surprised to find that I had a suite instead of a regular room. That’s fantastic for me since I’ll be spending 9 days in this room studying. Classes started this morning and run daily from 8am-5pm (including Saturday and Sundays). To my surprise after talking to my classmates, they are NOT in suites so I guess I feel pretty lucky for that! The hotel/meals are all including in the cost of the course so I’m not really sure why we ended up with different rooms, but…I’m not complaining! Anyway, now that I’ve told you WHY I’m traveling, here’s are the things that I decided simply had to come with me

First and foremost, because I’m in Florida I brought my Coola sunscreen. I absolutely love this stuff for my face and body. It’s non-aerosol and smells like coconut. It’s non greasy, smells fantastic and doesn’t make me break out when I spray it on my face… It’s carry on friendly too! It’s not an aerosol but sprays like one for easy application.

I decided to forgo wearing foundation since I knew it would melt off in the heat so I brought just my Rimmel Stay Matte. Normal I wear the transcluscent shade, but this one works great by itself. This powder is one of the best little setting powders and is under 5 bucks! The only downside to it is the packaging is quite awful, the lid doesn’t snap or lock closed to the base, so it comes off all the time and therefore not very travel friendly. I brought my Tarte Shape tape of course! and I brought the beauty blender for that as I’ve found it works better than using my finger tips.

A few other random things here and there but I’ll tell you the big winner here was my Tarte Clay Play pallette. It gave me a contour, an eye look AND eyebrows all in one palette. That cut way back on my bulk this trip. I didn’t even end up needing my Anastasia pencil. I did bring my Urban Decay eye liner but I didn’t really end up using it.

I brought my Becca Pearl highlight and my Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara (FYI this stuff is SO good!!) To top it all off I brought my travel size of Tarte’s Partaay! blush.

I’ll be honest, I could have gotten by with less than half of these products…and now I know! I have so many fun things to review for you guys, including a Morphe palette and a Morphe brush, so be on the lookout for that soon!


*On a side note, my wifi at the hotel sucked and wouldn’t let me upload photo’s or post this blog…so half was written the day I arrived and the other half was written now (I got home yesterday). In case you were curious, I DID pass all three exams and did get my certification. I also made an alligator friend that I named Franklin that lives in the pond behind the hotel!


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