Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color-Trinket review…

Ooooh girl, this shiz is like a surprise party in a freaking bottle! This color to me is very similar to KVD Lolita, it’s a warm chestnutty mauve color. I saw it online in an ad for Beautylish and decided I needed it. It wasn’t until after I got it and swatched it that I foudn out it is PACKED with tiny gold glitters. Yep, I’m a jackass and didn’t read the website description before buying but you know what? I’m not even mad about it, and yes..I’m sporting it on my face around work today!

This liquid lip color is available at Beautylish and several other sites for $18USD, originally it was sold as limited edition but they brought it back last year. Here is the description from the website:

Sugarpill’s very first liquid lipstick! Creamy matte mauve infused with luminous golden sparkles that shine brighter as the formula sets. Ultra-pigmented and super long-lasting. Our creamy, mousse-like formula never feels dry on your lips! Creamsicle scented.

First off, I’ll say the color is absolutely gorgeous, in fact it’s everything I wanted Lolita to be that it just wasn’t. The pigmentation is just fantastic and you can get full coverage in just one swipe. The forumla isn’t too thick and isn’t too thin, it’s just right! It does smell like an Orange Creamsicle but this stuff is kind of like a mood ring for your face. Basically the more you press your lips together the more gold glitter comes out. It’s not really tacky looking, but probably not office appropriate either,lol!

I’ll definitely be wearing this on nights that I go out. It’s so quick and easy to apply and is just a really beautiful color. Through eating and drinking it lasts on my lips a good 6 hours without reapplication. If you do reapply it is a bit chunky. It IS sort of drying but, less drying than say….Tarte’s Tarteist Matte Lip paint. As far as liquid lippies go, this dryness factor on this one isn’t really that bad! They only sell this color and Kim-Chi (A lilacy color) which is a shame because they’ve got the formula down!

Best of all this product is vegan and cruelty free! I would definitely give it a shot if you’re on the fence. It’s truely gorgeous! I give it a solid A. 20170804_080317

With flash
With Flash


Dried down and patted



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