Mini Sephora Haul-Drunk Elephant, GlamGlow and Fresh

Hi again friends! If you know me then by now you know I’m a big fan of Glamglow products. Recently they launched several new items including a bubble sheet mask, and two new cleansers. One of those cleansers really intrigued me, it’s called Galacticleanse and I snapped it up! Here is the description from the site:

Bringing the galaxy to your skin…

A revolutionary jelly-to-milk cleansing balm that instantly melts away face makeup and deeply cleanses, leaving skin purified and hydrated. Blended with precious meteorite mineral powder, moonflower oil, bamboo charcoal, and our Silver Tip White Tea TEAOXI®, GALACTICLEANSE™ inspires softened, renewed skin that glows like the light of a star.

Most every product in their line that I have tried I really liked with one or two exceptions but that is because they just weren’t for my skin type. I typically have extremely oily skin but I also get dry and flaky at the same time. So, it’s made with you meteorite powder you say??? Yep, that’s what it claims. I gave it a go this morning and so far I’m really liking it. It IS a very jelly like consistency and it does have a sweet smell. It’s a black jelly color it applies extremely easily to the face and is in fact very “greasy/jelly” feeling. Maybe greasy isn’t the right words, but it’s what it felt like. You apply it to your dry face then add water and it turns into a milky color and consistency. It did a great job of cleaning my face and definitely left me feeling hydrated but not greasy. This is definitely something I’ll be adding to my skin treatment rotation. This is on the pricey side at $36USD but the bottle is large and hopefully will last a long time.

Next up…….you guys, I’m so excited for this one!! I’ve been so underwhelmed by facial products meant for resurfacing (I’m looking at you Lancome Visionairre, which was so awful that I refuse to even review it because it makes me angry that it was so expensive and did nothing, not to mention a 30 day commitment so it couldn’t be returned). Anyway, I sampled Drunk Elephants TLC Babyfacial a couple of weeks ago and after just one use I couldn’t believe how damn soft my skin was. I immediately went out and purchased it. Yes, it’s expensive but it should last a while and the proof is in the pudding with this one..It just works! Here is a description from the website:

A 25 percent AHA and 2 percent BHA mask that works as a “facial” to reveal greater clarity, improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful-looking radiance.

So this is kind of a strange peachy color with little scrubby bits (not many). It does have a tingle when applied to the skin. You apply to a clean dry face and leave it on for 20 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water, then pat dry and voila!!! Literally the softest my face has ever freaking felt. Holy crap I love this stuff!! You are supposed to use it one or two times  a week and I definitely will be. The tingling wasn’t so bad that it was uncomfortable, it just kind of let me know that it was working. If you suffer with uneven skin and patchiness definitely get this stuff…It is sooooo worth it.

Lastly I did get a “deluxe” sample of the Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel hydrating lip balm. I will say that I liked this a lot better than the other Fresh Sugar items I’ve tried, they all seemed to dry out my lips. This one is actually really hydrating and feels great on my lips. It does leave a glossy uncolored sheen. I got this free with a code on Sephora, but the full size retails for $18USD which seems a bit high for what it is. It does have the standard citrus/lemon scent and doesn’t really smell like caramel to me…I mean I can tell it’s supposed to slightly but it really isn’t what I think caramel smells like. It feels good and doesn’t look bad, doesn’t chap my lips…It does what it says it is going to do. Despite that I don’t think I could justify spending for the full size because it basically does the same job my carmex does, it’s just in prettier packaging and smells a bit better. It definitely doesn’t feel sticky, they are right on with this description with everything except for the scent:

A sinfully rich, cushiony balm that delivers 24-hour moisture with an addictive caramel scent and a velvety shine—but no sticky after feel.

I really should have waited for the Sephora sale to happen, but I hear that isn’t until November and I needed soft skin NOW. It’s also worth noting that the packaging on all of these items was simply spectacular. Love the bottle for the Glamglow and the box even has HOLO!!!! (what’s up holosexuals!!) I wish they had continued that on the bottle itself. The DE Babyfacial packaging is really super cute too. Overall this was a great mini-haul for me! Pleased with each item, and that is a rarity. I’ll note that in this order I had also bought the Bobbi Brown crushed lip color in Babe, but as with everything I ever purchase from sephora, something was out of stock even after it was in stock on the site and I didn’t find out about it until my order I didn’t get that. I did order it from Macy’s anyway so maybe I’ll review that later.



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