Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection (Peach Perfect foundation and Peach My Cheeks blush)

Hello friends! Last week I had a real come to Jesus moment with myself. I love my Armani Powerfabric foundation..I do…but I noticed less and less I had skipped wearing foundation and it wasn’t because I was too lazy or didn’t have time. It was because my skin had to be perfect in order for me to use it without it looking like a flaky greasy hot mess. So I decided to try out a new foundation….One that has received some mixed reviews but mostly positive, especially for  those of us that like to stay matte all day.

Enter Too Faced’s new Peach Perfect Foundation… It’s meant to be matte, and you know that’s what I need! First, the packaging is really cute, its a squeezey tube with a pump applicator..I actually really like it. The price tag on this is $36USD and it is a Sephora/Too Faced exclusive (I hate that some are Ulta and Sephora exclusive..just sell it everywhere!). Anyway this is advertised as a comfort matte and I’d have to agree with that. It does smell like peaches but not the original Sweet Peach scent, this time it smells like actual real peach and the scent is very subtle, and to me barely noticeable. You do get quite a bit in the tube too, so that’s nice.. I got it in the shade light beige which is described as light with neutral undertone….When I swatched on my hand I thought it would be too dark/orange, but it was just perfect!

Here’s the product description:

Peach Perfect is infused with refreshing peach and sweet fig cream in our exclusive Comfort Matte long wearing 14-hour formula.
The modern way to wear matte foundation—photo friendly, smooth, flawless, and comfortable with a soft focus velvety finish.


I applied this foundation in dots with my fingers and then blended out with my Morphe Y6 brush, but I’m sure it would work just about the same with any technique.  It is slightly watery and provides decent coverage given the consistency. It didn’t feel too heavy on my face. On a wear test it lasted about 8 hours but I did have to do a touch up with some blotting powder but that is pretty standard for me . Here are a couple of shots of my face immediately after application and a few hours later. It definitely goes on dewey but mattifies quickly.

so as you can see, it did stay matte for a while. It felt good going on and it didn’t smell bad. The only difference I noticed with this than my power fabric is that it stayed matte longer, other than that same normal issues I have with flaking.

Next up, I realized of all of the damn products I have, I only have just a few (okay 5 or 6) blushes and I really wanted to try the Peach my Cheeks blush. It’s a cream to powder and lets face it, the compact is to die for, it’s so stinkin’ cute!! It’s referred to as a “melting powder brush”. It retails for $30USD  (pretty hefty for a blush, but never fear I had coupon codes!) Here’s the website’s description:

Give your cheeks a pinch of color with this first of its kind melting powder blush. The total sensorial experience begins as soon as the formula is touched. The creamy, buttery texture instantly transforms into a lightweight powder once applied. It has a buildable finish that is soft, blendable and leaves your cheeks looking, feeling and smelling like dreamy peaches and cream.


I tried to apply this with a brush and it just didn’t show up. I used my fingers and then it showed up but was a bit difficult to blend out but eventually did. The consistency is nice and it really is a cream to powder. That being said, nothing special about this other than the cute compact. I’ll definitely use it again, but it’s not replacement for my NARS Orgasm. This is the shade “Pinch my Peach”. I’d say you could definitely skip this and you won’t be heartbroken, but it is nice, just nothing super special, and not super pigmented. I am wearing it in the photos above as well.

In all, I really liked the foundation and was so so with the blush. Definitely give the foundation a try if you are an oily lady such as myself. If you are really dry, you may want to skip this one as it does tend to cling to dry patches.

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  1. You should definitely try it! I have a coupon code for 20% off if you’d like it (they sent it with my package). I was just sad they were sold out of the freshly baked lippie when I bought this set.


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