My Hairdresser is Going to Kill me!

Hello friends! i know I usually only talk about beauty products….But hair items are beauty products too, right? I normally get my hair done at the salon, however sometimes in the fall I go to black, which honestly…doesn’t really require a hairdresser especially when you’ve been doing it as long as I have. I recently had my hair dyed brown/violet and loved it…but despite washing with amazing shampoo, the color still quickly fades (I’m talking one week). My hair has been every color under the sun but I always prefer a really nice cool black on me. So off to Walgreen’s I went and picked up some box dye.

I read a literal shit ton of reviews before I purchased. I’ll tell you my normal go to is the Feria Black Leather but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere…So this time I picked up Feria Bright Black (starry night) for $9.99USD and John Frieda Precision Foam in Natural Black for $12.99USD.

I picked both up because I haven’t used either colors, but the foam stuff sounded pretty cool. So I’ll start with that… It was extremely easy to mix up and use. You just squeeze the bottle and the foam puffs out and you apply it to your hair….Super easy, right? Right! Now generally when you dye your hair black…it’s just that…VERY black. In my experience, no other color should show through..well, with that expectation, boy was I disappointed after using this. You could still see a ton of the red from the purple it previously was before. (which had basically faded brown). While this dye was extremely easy to use the results were incredibly disappointing. See the photo below and look near my roots, see how red/purple it still is?? That is NOT normal of black dye.

John Frieda Natural Black

Now, I decided this just wasn’t going to work. Normally I don’t dye my hair right after dying it, but this color simply wasn’t acceptable, and generally if you are added dark pigments to your hair it’s not as bad for it…So I waited a week and dyed it again, this time using a tried and true brand but a different color. Years ago this color used to be called Starry Night because it’s a bit of a blue black, but lately they changed the color to Bright Black. I normally use Black Leather which is more of a steel black. Feria is the same old method of liquids/creams, so it wasn’t as much fun to use as the foam, but it DID smell better. It of course turned blue on my head as I expected, but the color I got once died was freaking phenomenal!!! I absolutely love this color…it’s not really blue black so if you’re looking for that I’d look elsewhere, but it did give that steel black color I love so much on me! Not a trace of brown, not a trace of red just excellent color. Big difference, right?!?! THIS is what a true black hair dye should look like! Big thumbs up for Feria, and a big thumbs down for John Frieda….As with most things your mileage may vary but I honestly cannot recommend the JF… and for what it’s worth, though not reviewed today, the Garnier Nutrisse isn’t amazing either.

I’m not sure how Feria is with other colors, but if you’re looking for a soft natural looking black, and aren’t afraid to go that dark…give it a try! Oh and in case you were concerned…..My hair is fine…actually it felt really good after BOTH of these…Neither seemed to cause much damage and I don’t notice any extra split ends. Also in case you’re wondering…the lippie I’m wearing below is Too Faced Melted Matte in It’s Happening, and I’m also wearing their new Peaches and Cream foundation. See my reviews on both here: Foundation Lipstick

Feria Bright Black

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