A few of my Favorite Things, Makeup Brush Edition:

Hello friends! I’ve been asked a few times what my favorite brushes are to use and while I use quite a few of them I’ve always noticed that I fallback to the same ones for the same things, even after trying out new ones. While the featured image here shows most of my brushes, these are the ones I truly use ALL of the time, day in and day out and they never let me down!

Morphe Y6 gold

I know, I know…all you hear from Influencer’s is Morphe this, Morphe that.. and no I am not an affiliate, but I’m telling you, the Morphe Y6 Pro Flat Buffer brush is where it is freaking at!!! If use use liquid foundation, you NEED this brush. While I actually do have a couple of beauty blenders, they really don’t compare to this and I no longer use them. Its super soft, leaves a streak free, even finish and it’s just pretty. I even use it to blend out my Tarte Shape Tape. You can find it here for $10USD. I’ve had it for a while and with every day use I’ve never had the bristles fall out. It’s cheap, and it’s freaking amazing!!

Tarte Magic Wands Fluffy Powder Brush

Next up is one of a couple of the Tarte Magic Wands Unicorn brushes in this post. Yes, those brushes are cute and pretty but they also work incredibly well! When I first got these, this fluffy pink one was nowhere on my radar…I just simply didn’t know how to use it or what I would use it for. Fast forward to now and I use it literally every day to apply my setting powder. I had a hard time trying to find these still for sale, but if you don’t have them and can find them, snag them up. They are great quality and do not have bristle fall out. They are synthetic but incredibly soft. I use this with my Laura Mercier setting powder and it does an amazing job of swirling and buffing on the face. I got these as a gift but they were extremely low in cost (somewhere in the $30USD range) considering how many you got and the quality..Make sure to snap up the set if you can. I’m not sure I could live without mine!


This is the next Tarte Magic Wands brush I use all of the time. I call this a swizzle brush but I’m sure it has a real name..I just don’t care to use it,lol. While this brush is probably intended for eyeshadow (I prefer to use my fingers for those, so you want be seeing eyeshadow brushes on this list) I primarily use it for…my highlighter!! oh man, it’s just amazing, you just give your highlighter a swizzleroo with this bad boy , sweep it on and you’re ready to go. It does a great job of picking up the pigment despite it not being densley packed and again…It looks amazing on my vanity.

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

Another one of my favorites for applying pressed powders AND bronzer because of it’s amazing ability to blend like a mad man, is the Bobbie Brown Full Coverage Face brush. I’ve probably mentioned this before at some point, but the BB foundation brush isn’t amazing so I was nervous to get this one…but I did and I’m glad. I will tell you, I’m not sure it’s worth what I’ve paid for it because I’ve learned you can get a great quality brush for a great price. I don’t find this to be any softer, have less fall out or anything else that my much cheaper brushes don’t do….but I also don’t have anything else like it really. So on the winners list it goes.  You can buy it here for $48USD. I have to stress again that while it IS a great brush, I think you can find just as good of quality for much cheaper. I will say that I have a ton of BB brushes and this is the only one I use. It does blend really well and feels good on the skin though.

Hello Kitty for Sephora Slanted Lip Brush

Last, this one is perhaps one of my favorites just because it’s so cute and unique. I actually use this for my eyebrows! It came in the Hello Kitty collection from Sephora, and it is a slanted lip brush but it works wonders on my brows! In fact, I’ve basically stopped using my Anastasia Brow Wiz because for me, this works better. I use it with the ebony color in the Tarte Clay Play palette and it fills in my eyebrows perfectly. I just love it. I’m pretty sure it was limited edition so I doubt you can still find it aside from ebay…and I will say that the other brushes in the collection sucked…but this one I’ve held onto through the years and absolutely adore it. It comes on all trips with me!

That just about rounds out the list of the brushes I use daily. Do you use any of these brushes? Do you love them, do you hate them?

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