Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette

Hello friends!! (HEY WHATS UP YOU GUUUUYS, YES!!) lol. I had the worst time debating on if I should get the Fenty Galaxy shadow palette seen here, or the UD Heavy Metals palette found here. While the Fenty is more expensive ($59USD compared to UD’s $55) and has less shadows (14 compared to UD’s 20)  I certainly thought it was gorgeous, and with plenty of reviews to be found around the web, it didn’t seem awful. The UD palette I haven’t seen any reviews for so I decided to check them out in person. While the Fenty one was really pretty it was just way too glittery. I did swatch it and basically no color payoff and just glitter chunks…Maybe it isn’t like that for everyone and that’s ok…but the color payoff on the UD was amazing…so that was my pick! I will say I did pick up a few Fenty items, some from the galaxy collection and some from the original launch, I’ll be reviewing that later this week.  I did score this palette and the rest of my haul from the Sephora Rouge sale (aka 20% off EVERYTHING!! Yes even the Dyson dryer)


So my first thought when I saw this palette online was that I hated the packaging…and I couldn’t really tell what it was made of, but it seemed to be a metal tin. In real life it’s a metallic plastic. The big turn off for this palette is the packaging…unlike any other, it’s meant to be held/used like a painters palette. No thanks, just give me a snap close case please. Aside from that, the silver palette slides into the purple shell on little “rails”. It’s open on both ends so you have to push from one end to get it to pop out the other side. Again, not in love with this packaging…but I AM in love with what is inside. You guys!! Check this stuffs out!!!


How effing gorgeous are those?? (FAR prettier than the Fenty one IMO) Dear god these colors are beautiful! Now that I’m a grown ass adult, and have learned to use color for every day use just as a simple pop of YAS! Look at those colors on the left, those are the real wow factor in this palette. Some of them can be worn all over the lid even for a daytime or office look ( I wore Glamrock yesterday). The whole right side of the palette are muted but still shimmery neutrals. I thought I’d like these the best but honestly, those bottom right three do not swatch very well and I have yet to test them on my lids.

With Flash
Natural light

So here’s a close look at the bold shades on the left, they all swatched well and were relatively smooth/buttery/creamy, with Aluminum (that’s that beautimous one in the middle!) being the real standout in look and feel. Dive is gorgeous but it is a bit patchy with a finger swatch.

With Flash
Natural Light

Onto the right side. Honestly I didn’t really feel any of these were standouts except scream purely for it’s buttery softness, but that’s kind of the point right? I like them because they are just neutral pops of shimmer you can add to every day look. They do layer well and I didn’t need to use a glitter glue with these. I usually just use my NARS soft matte concealer as a base for these and it seems to do well.  I had very little fallout and found these worked best when applying with your fingers to pack on, and a brush to lightly swipe on a base color. Angelfire looks amazing in the corners of your eyes by the way.

If Urban Decay does anything well, it’s always eyeshadows. I would be shocked if we ever saw a subculture type mess of a palette come from an established company like UD. This palette is a real winner in terms of gorgeous , wearable and creative colors that work well for people of all ages. I’m pretty sad it isn’t getting more hype in the beauty community. I honestly think it deserves better than that… The only downfall is that I hate the packaging..it’s pretty, but it doesn’t work well, and it did not come with a brush which is kind of sad because that is usually the best part of UD is that they include NICE brushes. Either way this palette is solid in my book and I hope more people jump on this gorgeous palette.

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