I Bought a can of Glitter! Glitter for everyone!!! IGK PreParty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray

Hello friends, SURPRISE!! Yes, I’m an adult but guess what? I still love sparkly things. I saw this stuff a couple of months ago and it was always sold out..but guess what, it was in stock during the VIB sale so I picked up a can. Yes, it’s very expensive for a can of glitter. In fact I almost named this blog post “I spent how much on a can of gliter?!?!?” It retails for 16USD…yes, 16 damn dollars for a can of glitter. I did get it for 20% off though, so I said eff it and bought it. So you may be wondering what it is, it can be found here, and here is the description.

A strobing glitter spray that captures and diffuses light for a soft, luminous, hypnotizing effect—day and night.

A glitter for your hair you say? Yep, but not that cheap shit you buy during halloween. This promised to be soft and not sticky. With small glitters instead of that chunky bullshit. You know what? They were right. It sprays out very fine tiny silver glitters and it smells really good..Kind of like cucumber melon.

I had a really difficult time finding what this would look like in person because to be honest most pictures just sort of make it look like dandruff in your hair….like this:


Let me tell you though, the picture does no justics. In person, though…that is far from true. It’s just pretty and shimmery sparkle on sparkle on sparkle in your hair! As with most things though, there is….of course a catch. It doesn’t last and it doesn’t stick well. I wore it out last night and literally had tiny glitters ALL over me and my clothing and anything near me. When I moved my head or ran my fingers through my hair (I do that a lot) glitters just fell…everywhere. It honestly looked like I just had really pretty dandruff flakes (falling off, not IN my hair).

So here’s the deal. I’m not returning it. It’s still very pretty for a night out or just for funsies, and it’s subtle enough that you could wear it day or night…but I won’t be repurchasing despite how pretty it is unless they can find a way to really make it stick to your hair. I will say I did spray it on my wrist hours ago and it’s still there….not sticky, but still there. It just doesn’t work as well with hair. I wonder if maybe you could use some hair spray to make it last longer…I think so.


So what I was able to do for you that I haven’t seen anywhere else on the internet yet was get a really detailed video of what it looks like in person.
Head on over to my IG to see the video and if you aren’t already please be sure to follow me there as well.

See ALL of the sparkles in action by clicking here.


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