Love it or Leave it…Morphe Brushes

Hello friends. You all should know by now how much I love my Morphe Y7 brush, it’s the most amazing foundation brush I’ve ever used in my whole damn life. It’s a little different than their other brushes mainly because it’s gold…lol….but it’s just a fantastic brush at a really great price. I did a review on it here if you’re interested in knowing what I’m talking about.

Being that that brush is the bees knees…I thought I’d give some other brushes in the Y (gold) line a shot. So I purchased the Flat Definer (Y21) $USD, Pro Angle Liner (Y23) $4USD, the Tapered Blending Fluff (Y18) $6USD and the Pro Round Crease (Y20) $5USD. The brushes themselves are really pretty to look at. I’ll give them all that.


The Pro Angle Liner is absolutely amazing for doing perfect brows, both defining them and filling them in.

Both eyeshadow brushes are soft and deliver product as you would expect from any decent quality brush.

I really wanted the Flat Definer so I could apply eyeshadow on my bottom lid….. When I got this brush there was one hair sticking out on the edge just poking everything that came near it…So the second time I used it I decided I would trim the piece sticking out…before I could even do that, as I’m holding the brush I notice the bristles are all falling out……Not shedding but outright falling out! They just kept coming out and coming out! It honestly doesn’t appear the bristles were glued in at all on the edge. So now, I’m angry that my brush is broken after not even one real use but my vanity is covered in bristles! Do you see that mess in the background of my pictures?? That’s the bristles from this f#@king brush!


Ok, now I’m not extra mad because these brushes are not even a LITTLE bit expensive…Seriously, they are CHEAP brushes…but because my Y7 is the same line and was also cheap I thought that it would still be made with better quality. This brush was only 4 bucks USD but I still expect to be able to at least use it a few times.


So the  moral of my story is…you don’t always get what you pay for…and sometimes you do get more. These brushes are really hit and miss. I haven’t decided if I would even bother saying anything to Morphe because this brush is so cheap..but it certainly is frustrating. So….does anyone know of a good flat defining brush??

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That’s it for now my fellow makeup lovers.


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