Anastasia Amrezy Highlighter…..Yas!!!


Hello my friends. I know, it has been a while but honestly, I haven’t really been  blown away by much lately….but this…THIS, I have been waiting for! I know Anastasia isn’t really what you think of when you think of think brows, right? Maybe palettes. I saw a preview for this a couple of months ago and instantly knew I needed it. Not only is the color gorgeous (a beautiful champagne) but the packaging itself is to die for!! It’s pressed in a little wave so you can actually SEE the reflection IN the pan…..ugggggh, right?!?! Anyway, lets get on to it, shall we??

This is a pretty good sized compact at .31oz and it retails for $28USD (you can buy it here). Compare that to Urban Decay’s highlighters for $26USD with only .23oz. Until now, this Sin one from UD was my fave go to….I’ve compared the two of them for you so you can see size and color. I’ve learned that champagne highlights are the only shades that work for me so I was so happy at what color this is….As far as I know it’s the only shade.

(L) Urban Decay Sin (R) ABH Amrezy


Okay, so texture? It’s extremely buttery and not at all chalky or chunky. In fact, it almost feels quite silky. This stuff is just so pretty AND blinding but in a natural way. With a setting spray, it lasts all day. If you’ve been looking for a fantabulous highlighter, definitely get your paws on this one ASAP! I rate this an A+.





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