Tarte Minutes to Mermaid Brush set

Actual color

Hello my friends! Are we over the mermaid and unicorn trend yet?? Yes, I think so…  At least I know I am. BUT, I really do love Tarte’s makeup brushes. I use a good mix of brushes and they are always either Morphe or Tarte. I’m actually still waiting on the day Tarte makes a flat foundation buffing brush like my Y7….until then!!

Tarte came out with these mermaid brushes, and while yes…I’m kind of over the mythical creatures, I thought this set was really pretty and it included some brushes that I needed anyway so I bought them…..Tarte also had a really cute shell shaped brush holder and it was a great price at 8 bucks so I snapped that up as well.

The brush set retails for $42 USD and can be purchased here. It includes 5 brushes and they are: Powder, cheek, highlighter, eyeshadow and pencil brushes. At first glance the handles are even prettier in person and they are a decent weight. The bristles on these are much shinier than my unicorn brushes and honestly this feels lighter as well. I’ve compared the two largest brushes from each set here for you.


Okay, I read the reviews, everyone says these are just so so soft…but to me, they are not nearly as nice as the unicorn brushes….No where near as soft, and they are actually kind of itchy on my face. I am sadly disappointed but will use them anyway I had just hoped for a lot more softness. I knew instantly when I saw they were made of different material that it wouldn’t be the same. Still cute, but just…not as good of quality in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice brush set for the price and is still better than some of the other brushes I own but it’s…just not the same 😦


The shell brush holder is awesome though. I really love it, it’s functional, looks pretty and does a good job at holding my brushes. It’s an excellent price for a nice vanity piece, I highly recommend it! The only surprise here is that it isn’t really the same color as what the website shows. The site shows a really pretty gold/tan/pink iridescent color, it’s actually a dark pink//red/tan iridescent color. As long as you’re okay with that…get it!



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