Tarte Be a Mermaid and Make Waves Palette

Hey friends…okay I know I said I am tired of the unicorns and mermaids….and I was not going to review this palette….it was sent to me and just sat on my vanity lookin’ pretty for quite a while….Well I decided to crack it open last week and I have to tell you….I’m actually pleasantly surprised. I admit, I wanted to not like it, but it’s really very pretty!

This palette retails for $42USD and can be purchased at Tarte.com or Sephora.com

It’s encased in a beautiful actual clamshell. It’s a beautiful teal shade with some color shift almost just like the brush holder I got with it. Not only is the packaging so pretty but the shades are really nice and pigmented but they blend very well too. each shade but especially the shimmers are so darn buttery soft that they almost feel wet.


If you like shimmers, this palette is for you. If you prefer mattes, then it’s not for you. There really isn’t a good transition shade in here and there is no black…so it is not a do all palette. While it’s certainly not the end all be all, it’s still a beautiful palette and I was surprised that it’s got actual substance and isn’t all kitsch. My biggest complaint about the palette is the pans just feel small and are a bit hard to dip your finger in…yes I still apply some shadows with my fingers,lol..sometimes it’s just easier!! So while you definitely don’t need this palette, it sure is pretty to own and will come in useful with both bold and every day looks. I just don’t see myself reaching for it a lot. I’d rate it a B.


I’ve got my Sephora VIB haul coming next week for you!

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Would you guys be interested in seeing youtube videos of some of the items I review on here, or are you all video’d out? I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now but don’t want to do it if no one would be interested,lol. See you pretty people later!




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