Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzers in Tan-Tastic, Tantric and Finish Line Coconut Setting Powder-Coconut Fantasy Collection

Well the day finally came last week! My O!Mega bronzer in Tan-Tastic arrived….after almost a year of searching for it, it was finally in my hot little hands. I also ordered the Finish Line Coconut Setting Powder and the new eyeshadow palette that came in this collection (review separate).

Firstly, I’m impressed with Marc Jacobs shipping. I ordered the items from the Marc Jacobs site I told you guys about, and I got the palette from Marc Jacobs Beauty because it was out of stock on the first site.

Let me start by telling you that if you’re going to buy this, PLEASE get it directly from one of the Marc Jacobs sites. Sephora was a pain in the ass to deal with when trying to order this bronzer because it is always out of stock. Despite getting the email that it was available which I immediately clicked on, it was already OOS (it’s still out of stock btw), and come to find out many people got the email the day before…, Sephora didn’t get my cash on any of this. Now, done with ranting, lets get to the goods!


You can buy Tantastic here for $49USD, you can also get the other products there as well. I know that sounds like a lot of money but this sucker is effing HUGE…YUUUUUUUUUUGE! so it’s actually totally worth it. It’s 3 times larger than my benefit Hoola by gram comparison. I’m sure this bad boy will probably last 4-evah!

I already owned Tantric but wasn’t a big fan as it pulled pretty orange on me. When I first got the Tan-tastic you already know the first thing I did was smell it! Yassss, it really does smell like toasted sweet coconut (I don’t care if you see me sniffing my palette okurrrr).  This version is slightly different from last years because it is in a limited edition case that is white with rose gold accents this time.  At first site though I was a bit disappointed because it looked almost identical to Tantric even when I swatched it on my arm.






As you can see they look pretty similar, yes? Well on my face what a difference it made! While the Tantric pulls orange, this one is quite a bit cooler and pulls slightly ashen which looks great on my cool/neutral skin tone.

Here is Tantastic with me wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear in Cool Bone and the coconut Finish Line Setting Powder


And…here it is with me wearing Fenty Pro Filt’r in the shade 150 and TF Sweet Peach setting powder.


I really, really love this. It doesn’t look muddy and as you can see I don’t go super heavy with bronzer because I am pretty pale. It is suitable for use everywhere on the face for both contour and bronzing (people who say don’t contour with a bronzer be damned!!). The kick up is kind of severe but not as bad as the Tantric.

I did end up returning Tantric as not only was it not pretty on my skin tone but it had the worst kick up I’ve ever seen in a bronzer.

Now, the setting powder……I am very, very on the fence about this. First off, it’s small guys…much smaller than my other two setting powders and the photographic evidence is below. Not only is it small but it’s got a built in sifter that I really can’t seem to manage how to use other than smacking my brush onto it to pick up product. So it’s small and expensive at $44USD with probably a third less product than my others…so it better be good right?? Well….meeeeeh..I’m on the fence, it’s extremely finely milled, much more than the others) and it’s more of a yellow shade than peachy like my others. The texture is so, so …SO good. It just melts into my skin. Initially I just adored it….but wait. Within a couple of hours my face was a greasy mess…My makeup felt heavier than it ever has in my life. My face just felt gross and for the first time ever in my history I went home and washed it off as soon as I got off work. I think if you have dry skin this’ll work great. If you have even semi oily skin…skip it, or be shiny. It’s really a beautiful powder but honestly not worth it to me if I have to constantly touch it up.


L to R Sweet Peach Powder, MJ Powder, Laura Mercier Powder

Lastly, I did pick up the Eye-Conic palette in Fantascene, which I’ll write a review for separately, but figured I’d show you the swatches as a preview.

Eye-Conic Fantascene palette from Coconut Fantasy Collection

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