MAC Oh Sweetie!

Hello friends! It has been a while since my last blog post, I apologize… quick life update. My real life job has been crazy! I’m currently working 50-60 hours a week….which by the way I am salaried so I’m not “technically” being paid for those hours..which sucks…I went back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree, and am attending full time. So it’s been a bit difficult to get the posts up that I wish I could!

Anyways, I normally try go cruelty free with my cosmetics however, MAC came out with a couple of new collections I really wanted to try out….Those being the Oh Sweetie lip colours as well as the Aaliyah collection (I’ll get to that collection in another post).


So the MAC Oh Sweetie collection is just a set of 15 liquid lip colors retailing at $17.50 each and can be purchased at Ulta or MAC . Here is how they describe the collection:

Satisfy your sweet tooth! Indulge in patisserie-fresh, saturated and scented lip color. Oh, sweetie lip colour is whipped for mouse like texture and serves up funfetti-bright, frosted opaque hues for lips. Explore all 15 to find your decadent delight.

I viewed the collection in person and tried to find the shades I thought would suit me best. I’ll be honest these shades are pretty damn bright. The shade I liked the most was Death by Chocolate, however I did not pick that up because it smelled terrible….very much like that fake chocolate scent. Knowing what I know now, I should have picked it up anyways. So most of these smell absolutely fantastic! I ended up picking up the shades Strawberry Torte and Coconut Macaroon.


Strawberry Torte is described as a bright candy apple red. Personally, I would describe it as a pinky toned red with some slight iridescence (which I didn’t really appreciate). This is my favorite of the bunch, it smells so very good. Much like a strawberry creme and not at all artificial. This is extremely opaque and offers good coverage. It lasts a good 3-4 hours and was pretty hydrating. These lippies are NOT transfer proof….I in fact had it everywhere and this color in particular stains.

Strawberry Torte with flash
Strawberry Torte no flash

Coconut Macaroon is nothing like I expected…It’s a pinky beige with orange/pink toned irridecense. Honestly, I hate this one. I thought I’d really like it, but the color is truly unflattering on me anyways. This might be better suited to someone who is warm toned. It is not very opaque and is just kind of frosty. Also, it kind of smells like plastic. It smells a lot like the Marc Jacobs coconut bronzer but with plastic scent….bummer! This one was really hard to photograph and I never could quite capture the orangeyness of this.

Coconut Macaroon no flash
Coconut Macaroon with flash


The rest of the shades smelled really great and true to their names. Many of them however, for me at least are not very wearable especially the Lime Trifle and the Wildberry ones.

In all, I’d give the Strawberry Torte an B and the Coconut gets a D for bad execution colorwise and smell wise. Bonus points to MAC for the super cute sprinkle packaging though!

Stay tuned this week for first thoughts on the Aaliyah collection.

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