Fenty Diamond Collection

What’s up chickadee’s? Long time no see!! Unfortunately working a full time job and going to school full time doesn’t leave me a ton of time to write up blogs/reviews. However, when I heard about the Fenty Diamond stuff I knew I had to grab it up and review it!

Okay, so this isn’t really so much of a collection as it is a total of three items which include a new shade of Gloss Bomb in the shade Diamond Milk (what is with only giving us one shade, hello Stunna!). and Diamond Bomb all over body veil. Lastly was a brush I can only assume you are supposed to apply the body veil with.


Both shades are a sparkly white/silver. I did not purchase the body veil because girl……it is just PURE glitter which don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty as hell. BUT I don’t have anywhere to wear it. It retails for $38 USD and can be purchased here. For being a body product, it is pretty tiny! I saw it and thought it was a highlighter until I swiped it and looked at the display it was in which showed it being an all over the body shimmer powder. It IS gorgeous, I mean it freakin sparkles honey! If you’re looking for the best body highlight this is probably your gal…if you don’t mind the product being small and pretty pricey. In the video below I have the Diamond Milk lipgloss on the left (and on far right) the Diamond Veil is in the middle sparklin it’s little heart out!! and on the right I have both gloss bombs next to each other for comparison.

Gloss Bomb has somehow over the past year turned into a cult classic. People absolutely go nuts for the universal shade. I do own it, I didn’t hate it but also found it wasn’t something super special either….Though I do like the consistency. Anyways, the new shade is Diamond Milk, it retails for $18 USD and can be found here. It’s a milky white/silver/clear with microglitter.



I’ll say this, it does look really pretty. It’s shiny, not too sticky…the tube is huge and it smells like cherries (like the original). But you know what else? I can’t find anything unique about it. While that isn’t enough to make me return it, colorwise you can get the same thing with any other lipgloss. It just kind of looks like a slightly shimmering clear gloss on me. The formula is what makes it a keeper. I love that it doesn’t make my lips sticky or goopy.  If you really must I don’t think you’ll be disappointed totally….but I think it’s definitely not a must. I like it, but I don’t love it.  I think this would look really pretty on more pigmented lips though!


That’s all from me today. I’m hoping to be able to blog a bit more very soon! Until next time…thank you for subscribing and supporting me for over a year now! Big love to you all.


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