We See You Sol De Janeiro! Emergency Review!!! Coco Cabana Body Cream

Sound the alarm!!!! You probably already know this, but I’ve been on a break until I finish school (March 2019, omg… you can’t get here fast enough!!) However, I had to come out of hibernation for this!!

Sol De Janeiro has a fantastic Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale going on right now so I had to take advantage and finally purchase the Biggie Biggie Bum Bum Cream (at 25% off, whaaaaat?!?!).  Bum Bum cream is worth every GD cent, might I add, but with the discount I got the giant size for a few bucks more than the normal size usually costs, plus a cute surf board scooper. If you’re unfamiliar with it you can check out my review here. It’s basically heaven in a tub, but I digress.


With the purchase of products during the holiday sale, you get a free deluxe sample of their new “about to launch beauty secret”. Naturally I was curious what it was! Well friends, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s the perfect fix for your winter skin in one of the most tastiest scents I have ever smelled!!! It’s Coco Cobana Cream. If Bum Bum Cream is a summer scent, then this is the Winter version. It’s described as a “Moisture-Magnet, oil in water cream”.

First off, no, it’s not at all greasy. It DOES moisturize and it smells SOOOOO yummy. It’s very coconutty but also has a bit of sugar and butter scent to it, very gourmand. SDJ describes it as having notes of coconut, toasted praline, and warm vanilla latte. This cream melted right into my skin and left it feeling soft and moisturized. It’s definitely more of a gel cream. I am so freakin’ excited for this launch! They send the 25ml size of it so it’ll be great to toss in my purse. This cream does leave a nice dewy sheen on the skin but again is not at all greasy….win, win!! The claim is that it will moisturize your skin for a full 72-hours though I can’t speak to that because I just got it earlier today…but, i am still smooth, soft and moisturized hours later. As a side note, this did leave my hands feeling sticky for about a minute after application. That quickly went away though.

**Update** while I didn’t find the cream to last 72 hours, I did find it lasted until the next morning when I showered…not too shabby!

Courtesy of Sol De Janeiro

But wait….When is it available you ask??? Well, it will be sold on Sol De Janeiro’s website starting December 1st. You can get it online at Sephora on Dec. 25 (Merry xmas to us, right?!?) and you can get it in store at Sephora on Dec. 26th.

If all of this doesn’t make you excited to give it a try then you either hate coconut or you must have the most naturally moisturized skin ever in which case….we are all jealous of you. Get ready to kiss your crusty winter skin goodbye as soon as you snap up this bad boy in December!



SDJ has a presale available as of today on their website of this sumptuous stuff!! you can get it here.

Here’s an excerpt from their site

In Brazil, we give our bodies the same love and attention as face – if not more. Like a deep Brazilian pool of absolute body love, this oil-in-water gel cream hydrates deeply with our moisture-attracting blend of luscious coconut and sugar, and scents deliciously with our mouthwatering Cheirosa ’39 fragrance. This coco-amazing cream instantly transforms dry, dehydrated, irritated skin into its softest, bounciest, most luscious version of itself. And benefits only get better and better with continued pampering and body love. 

Full size: 8.1 fl oz US/240mL
Travel size: 2.5 fl oz US/75mL
Purse size: 0.84 fl oz US/25mL

*Note: Coco Cobana orders won’t be shipped until December 1.

Courtesy of Sol De Janeiro





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