Marc Jacobs Enamored (With Pride) Dazzling Lip Laquer

It feels really strange that as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my top favorite lip gloss! I am a HUGE (YUUUGE) fan of MJ Enamored glosses. I have them in a ton of shades. Recently MJ released some “Pride” month glosses. The collection consists of 6 new shades. These are called “dazzling” glosses because they do pack more glitter than some of the usual shades. They retail for $28USD and you can get every shade here.

I purchased the prettiest two shades (in my humble opinion). I got tempt me which is a violet with gold multicolor flecks of sparkle. I also got Not Sorry which is a hot pink/fuschia with monotone fuschia sparkle.

According to the website description ” Giving (with Pride). Benefiting Sage, the world’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT older people, 10% of sales of Enamored (with Pride) Gloss will be donated”.

I legitimately like most of the shades, but the only problem is it looks exactly like their regular Enamored glosses. The only difference is the box it comes in is rainbow, kind of like a Life Savers roll, that was kind of disappointing because special package might have been nice, even if it was just rainbow lettering. The wand is also different on these, it is sort of a doe foot, but it is also very flexible and kind of like a spatula. I’m not sure that I actually prefer this.


All of the Enamored glosses go on incredibly smooth and never feel gritty. They are not sticky and they last for hours. This is the only gloss I’ve ever used that doesn’t require constant re-application. The colors are bold but still toned down enough to wear to work. I highly recommend these!

Tempt Me
Tempt M
Not Sorry
Not Sorry

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