Shoes.. (I Don’t Have a Problem)

The world is kind of a terrible place right now honestly. It is scary, confusing, hurtful and just downright crazy. Gone (for now) are the days of travel, meeting up with friends, going to concerts, going to movies, etc. It’s so hard to cope with the idea everything was just taken away from us and there is literally nothing we can do. Personally I’ve taken this time to invest in my shoe collection. Now hear me out. I know, this sounds petty, but it is honestly comforting and makes me happy and I don’t think I’m alone.

As you can see, right now I am really digging the Dunk Lows from Nike. I do not know how many shoes I specifically have, but I always make sure to sell or donate a pair before I buy a new pair. If you are interested, you can look me up on Poshmark @izibarrett

I figured I would take this time to show you a few of my favorite pairs and the method I store them to keep them safe (some of these are expensive y’all!!). I use the drop front shoe storage boxes from the container store. You can get them here if interested.


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