Do you Really Want to Take a Ride on Urban Decay’s Disco Stick???



Hello friends….I don’t know about you but I waited a long time for UD’s Holographic Disco Stick to become available. Why? Well, I mean if anyone can do holo justice for us #holosexuals, it’d be cutting edge always fierce UD……amiright?!??!

First, the business end….You can purchase the Disco Stick here for $26USD, for that price tag you get a whopping (sarcasm) .21oz. Here is how Urban Decay describes the highlighter:

When an average highlight just won’t do, take it up a notch with Holographic Disco Stick from our Disco Queen collection. This holographic highlighter creates an iridescent, multidimensional sheen that looks amazing on any skin tone. Use a little for a subtly ethereal shimmer, or keep layering for an intensely holographic highlight.

With Holographic Disco Stick, shimmer goes straight-up psychedelic. We laced this holographic highlighter with traveling pigments that seem to change color before your eyes. Create a hyper-dimensional glow—for a luminous effect that’s almost otherworldly. Our silky, lightweight formula glides on, flashes down and has an airy finish (so it won’t interfere with your complexion makeup).

Aaaaaaand, here’s how I describe it: Absolutely positively NOT holo!!! With that being said…I actually don’t hate it. If you’re into glitter/sparkle (obviously I am) then you may like this. It’s purpley/pink/blue glitter shift…that’s basically it. I’m sure there are other products like it, in fact…it reminds me a lot of Milk Makeup’s glitter stick in lavender which can be found here. You got a ton more product for just a few bucks more….and they aren’t slapping the word holo on it to sell more…(not that they haven’t done that in the past).


Alright, let me get back on track…despite this not being holo, and as a holosexual I take offense to them labeling it as such…..the product is nice and feels good on the skin. It’s not gritty and it’s not greasy and looks very pretty on the skin. If you’re looking for blinding, this ain’t it sis. If you’re just looking for a little extra sparkly and dewyness, this is it. This gets an F for the name and a B for the actual product. Sadly it’s pretty expensive for the amount you get in the tube . Rather than going on and on, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Okay, NOW on to the good stuff….






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