Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick

Hello friends!! Recently I’ve decided to stray away from my KVD Everlasting lippies (ERMAGERD!!) The reason why , you ask? Well I received a sample of Too Faced Melted Matte in “It”s Happening” and honestly.. I really liked the color, the application and the wide range of color choices…. One thing I find KVD lacking in is that a lot of the lip colors are either very bold or very dark…Not a lot of in between’s and the ones I thought would be, ended up looking much different than I thought (Lolita, Lovecraft, Saint) etc. Here’s a description from Too Faced:

Matte color gets a Melt-over! Our innovative formula glides over lips like a gloss but dries to an ultra-matte opaque finish. Infused with a no-sting lip plumper and filler, Melted Matte ensures color always looks rich, full, and kissable – never dry, shriveled or cracked. Doe-foot applicator comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense, saturated matte color that lasts for hours

So anyway, I liked it so much I snapped up a couple more colors. We’ll talk about the one from the I Want Kandee collection first. Freshly Baked (described as matte dusty rose, but i disagree) is REALLY pretty in the tube, and on everyone I’ve seen online who have tried it out (which wasn’t many actually). It smells great, like cake batter…and in my case was extremely hard to find. It’s sold out of all of the Ulta’s around me (It’s an Ulta/TF exclusive) and was even sold out a couple of weeks ago when I placed my TF order…but I did find it at Ulta online and had it shipped. I was so very excited to get it and I adore the way it smells (and it even tastes sweet). It’s the most “wearable” in Kandee’s line but unfortunately the color just doesn’t work for me. On me it shows up as a very chalky dusty pink..and it’s the chalkiness that ruins it for me. Application was easy enough and it didn’t really feather too much but the color just didn’t look nice on me, it just has too much chalkiness in is a pretty color, just not on my skin tone IMO. It’s just too…pink..and not enough mauve. This one I found to be the most drying but the wear time on this and the others is well over 5 hours but on me they all transferred a bit.


Next up, It’s Happening (matte bright magenta)…this is the one that made me want to try more. I’m not one to try bright bold colors, but because it was a sample…I put it on, and guess what..I LOVED it!!! Application was extremely smooth, and these are much less watery than the KVD lippies. These ones don’t have any smell or taste but they look great. It’s a great hot pink/fuschia but with not a ton of blue. I was just extremely shocked that a color like this would work so darn well for me!! Definitely give it a try.


Last up is “Lady Balls” and honestly, I got this mainly for the name (lol) and also I needed a bright red lippie, described as a bright true red (and I agree!!). I won’t wear this one often because it is so bright, but I’ll definitely wear it. The color is a really great bright opaque red leaning slightly orange. Again same great application, color payoff and wearability on this one as in It’s Happening.


Overall, definite winners and losers here..I feel like you could really skip the I want Kandee one.  I’m definitely going to be buying the following: Granny Panties, Sell out and Suck it… I think they look gorgeous!!! I’ll probably wait until the friends and family sales start though as these are pretty pricey at $21 a piece. I think they are worth it , but maybe look at them in person to make sure you like them.  Both Lady Balls and It’s happening felt nice on my lips and didn’t feel very drying. Both also stain, FYI. Wear time on these was over 6 hours without looking bad. Lady Balls does feather a bit and lipliner should take care of that.

Thanks for stopping by, if you aren’t already please follow me on Instagram @mandi_sparkles and don’t forget to follow this blog too. Until next time!

P.S. Dear Too Faced, please make ALL of these taste/smell like the I Want Kandee versions..please!!

Freshly Baked, Lady Balls, It’s Happening
Lady Balls, Freshly Baked, It’s Happening
Lady Balls, Freshly Baked, It’s Happening

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