Fenty Stunna Lip Paint- Uncensored Review

Hello kitties!! I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Sorry about that,lol. Anyway, today I have for you a full review of Fenty liquid lipstick in a beautiful red shade. You can purchase it directly from Fenty’s website or at Sephora here. The site’s description is as follows:

A weightless, 12-hour liquid lipstick with a soft matte finish—born in one head-turning red shade that looks incredible on all skin tones.

Okay you guys..I am SO on the fence with this one because I absolutely LOVE, love this color. It is the most beautiful bright true red and it actually works with my skin tone which is super rare for me. The formula glides on nicely despite the really weird applicator. It’s supposed to be precision tip but I just think it makes application sloppier. The color doesn’t bleed as much as most of my other reds, and it does wear for a long time. There is a catch to that however….

You have to be so incredibly careful with this stuff once applied, even if you set it. It smudges like all hell. Seriously, it will get on your teeth first until it’s dried, so check for that. It will also smudge even if your hair touches it…and it STAINS…so make sure you have a small pot of concealer with you..be prepared for touch ups.

Despite that mess, I still wear it because it’s freaking gorgeous…but seriously…it’s messy, it’s not kiss or budge proof, you will have it everywhere…and also…maybe not eat.

This product gets an A for color and a C for wear. It can last for hours but you have to be so careful. 20171231_134227

That crappy applicator though…
Fresh application
Fresh application
After 5 hours of wear and NO touching!

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  1. Oh I seriously love this lipstick. I agree with you, the applicator is a little funny but the colour is so perfect!
    I found that it glided on really easily and was so comfortable on the lips!

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