Marc Jacobs Coconut Fantasy Collection-PSA

Good afternoon friends!! I just wanted to give you all a quick heads up on this one. Marc Jacobs coconut collection was one of my favorites last year….The stand out was the coconut scented O!Mega bronzer which sadly sold out EXTREMELY quick and also quickly became a cult classic and highly coveted. It is the perfect neutral bronzer, and its HUGE, do you hear me….YUUUUGE. I love the pan size on this. Anyways, I missed out on the bronzer last year and have been desperately seeking one. Sadly, the only ones I could find were used ones on ebay selling for over $100!!! The original price tag on this was $49.

Fast forward to February of this year when I found out they were re-releasing the bronzer in their brand new Coconut Fantasy line that is/was set to arrive online April 24th, I have been waiting EVER since. Well this morning I received an email from Sephora letting me know that as a Rouge member I had early access to it. I clicked immediately and to my dismay, shock, horror and disappointment it was sold out already….somehow…despite my just receiving that email. Sephora CS had no explanation and only an apology. So as I’ve sat fuming all day I had the idea to check Marc Jacobs beauty website…Nope..not on there either….but do you know where I DID find it?? Marc Jacobs site…Yep, if you go right now (hurry!!!) you can still grab it on their site as well as the other items from the line (I tried but the palette is sold out already). What are you waiting for??? Go grab them before they are all gone (I’m not kidding you when I tell you this shit is a srsly hot ticket item). FYI if you sign up for email you’ll get 10% off your order too!

For your reference, here’s the website, and below is a photo of the whole collection: Marc Jacobs Coconut Fantasy Collection





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